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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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the opposition reportedly offers colonel gadhafi a way out of the pyramid rumors of foreign military intervention and a u.s. defense secretary the bombing is close. but they think this example of what's going on ok. correspondent tripoli finds massive support for gadhafi in the libyan capital contradicting international headlines that he's isolated and close to defeat. and unity between the u.k. and libya's government revealed several british universities are under fire for engaging with the gadhafi regime after receiving controversial cash donations.
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for studios here in central moscow this is r t with you twenty four hours a day. libya's opposition has told colonel gadhafi if he leaves the country no they won't put him on trial but libyan state t.v. has broadcast denials the birth he offered to quit if his family were safely leave the country violence continues in parts of libya more than three weeks after protests erupted when ortiz has more now from tripoli on the one hand be hearing from opposition there is in talks with him they say that he's asking for an opportunity to escape the negative post an easing of parliament transition period to paid for him to meet these opposition groups also saying that he wants immunity from criminal prosecution and a mission to take the country at large amounts of cash now all of these reports
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have been rejected by gadhafi who has denied it's kind of on state television the opposition also saying that he leads and now they would not consider seeking prosecution through the international court of justice but as i say we're not hearing any confirmation not it's an exact opposite from the gadhafi regime it certainly does seem as if it was to quit. there are huge amounts of public support or huge this is a phenomenon that i explored by talking to people on the streets and the name just how right and in this case just how wrong the foreign media were in reporting that story in a warning on the streets of tripoli i want to say to just you know what because. you know you get a market that's where most of my money at the heart of the criticism the paucity of justice for planes bombed and killed dozens of protesters in the capital city
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future of libya appears to be on an ice age fighter jets have been bombarding the capital tripoli reportedly on the orders of leader moammar gadhafi later on. and it is with force. guns or something. completely. not true the truth seems more to be a city of artist if you hate business these are hardly the pictures of the city on the for in kabul meanwhile libya's capital tripoli is bracing for what could be another night of gunfire explosions and rioting eyewitnesses say were flames had been firing at opposition supporters from the air when we. put in media. and to libya to see to watch and to send the reports and just as we said the administration or the management of the channel as. to what they want from these
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reports and eliminate or deal it. does not serve their purposes which is why people here are angry behind this taking a few days off from his work as an engineer to join the throngs of the does he support his in downtown green square i think this is what what's going on now ok. just to be supportive part of what you don't want to. be one of. the first say analysts it's not just what's being hidden it's also what's actually being seen but what we're getting is a us. one sided picture of a situation which kills the media with the idea that there's freedom fighters involved in media and if there is a government regime and atrocious terrorist government for the last one hundred seventy which is nonsense here just you see. that would be afghanistan. yeah. the war is clearly not in tripoli and
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just as clearly based in media has been a little too quick to michael duffy r.t. tripoli. international pressure is mounting on gadhafi with the u.s. considering military intervention and the u.k. and france drafting a no fly zone resolution for the u.n. and amid this came some embarrassing off the record remarks from u.s. officials that is going to go on as more. defense secretary robert gates landed in afghanistan through translator the top u.s. commander general david petraeus who greeted mr gates at the airport joking quote welcome back sir flying a little bigger plane than normal you're going to log some attacks on leave you or something and of quote the u.s. defense secretary responded to the comment by laughing and said quote yeah exactly well apparently the two gentlemen were unaware of the open microphone the world is
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now guessing whether that was just a joke or there was a kernel of truth a lot of people thought that was a highly inappropriate joke mind you this comes from america's top military man although the official position of the u.s. is in order to decide on the military intervention be the support of the international community do you want to nato are now you weighing in on the possibility of declaring a no fly zone over libya that would actually involve a large scale military operation including air strikes alleviated. including strikes on the giving air defenses and putting down everything that flies over the . vote on a no fly zone could be hard to secure at the u.n. security council where china a permanent member is really cool to the post no fly zone and russia has made it very clear that any foreign military involvement would be unacceptable here's the logic behind the statements made by some list of powers we can't allow khadafi kill the rebels so we need to give the rebels a chance and make the fight kind of even because those things are now called out
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his armor outweighs everything there's rebels have from russia's perspective for example this kind of intervention even with the best of intentions usually leads to more deaths and destruction than if you let the countries deal with their problems on their own is this monday we heard reports that the u.s. asked saudi arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in being god's truth is to be really dangerous history shows that the practice of the army and the other side of a conflict not only does not stop the violence but inflames it even more especially if those arms and. up in the hands of radicals americans themselves have estimated that levy especially the eastern part of the country which is where the rebels have reportedly gained control is is home to a large number of the heart is they make up a fifth of the heart it is now for say that one of the rabble a leader is leaving does he was once osama bin laden's personal driver and the question is does the u.s. really want that kind of. car now before more another joined live by but only because he's a middle east expert frida madrid based think tank for global action thanks very
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much indeed for joining us now we clearly understand who gaf is supporters are but who are the opposition supporters who are they made up of well obviously the events that intervened during the last three weeks. talking about opposition groups in libya and talking about about opposition but stronger position groups too that his regime is not an easy thing and it is very hard to try to determine who could be the real charismatic leader the real strong structure of the could come in on the ground could see well i am well known by you believe humans have a program some horizons and i will be able to achieve or to be the alternative between game or the two will help it's better perspectives and the better horizon in which. this opposition group made up of different tribes people
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from different parts of libya how then could such a disparate group of people actually form a proper working government or perhaps could we see if gadhafi goes a further pursuit of more turmoil and more violence as the opposition as it's called at the moment takes power. well if we paid attention to what could happen said that or to what he son say filesystem said about ten days or two weeks ago they are saying indeed that they could be a scenario in the world if he ever had to resign or had to go but on the other hand i would say that even though such a reach skeets presence there on the ground what we should note is that the i.e. of an opposition group in libya constitutes in these prevailing henri's some people are trying to fabricate it to make it through they on the ground actually that doesn't mean anyway that we didn't have any opposition group before i mean we shouldn't forget that some groups in paris are right to be acting in london for
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example including mr mohammed the suzi for example or other people that have tried to for him to constitute an opposition group but well you can see if that's considering that there has been no coordination between the ones and the other considering also that he has succeeded into putting the parts every single embryo of position groups his own action what you can see actually is that you have several opposition groups and several movements that are trying to prevail and that's outrageous to look at afi but none of them could really a strong political process they could achieve a strong program leave yet and they could that could that could allow the sense of national libyan national unity to prevail effectively in libya nevertheless despite this fragmented makeup of the opposition we are actually hearing a what could be described as a unified unified voice coming from them saying they do not want foreign
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intervention now initially. we heard a voice through the media saying that they were in favor of foreign help but now we're actually seeing they're all happy to see the prospect of military intervention on the ground there why is it when we see them being bombed by get aphids troops they don't want help. well i think that a lot of the situation deals with the sense of dignity of people because they can see that in tunisia beginning of change happens without any foreign intervention that in egypt the same case happened there probably in yemen for example we could have a same case that would be held by people acting from the inside so in this context and considering also that we shouldn't forget the libya has been branded to by the americans in the eighty's and then suffered because of an in burgle that has been imposed on the country and these people consider that they have to draw their own
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destiny and they said they don't want any foreign intervention whether western intervention or arabic intervention to come and to see that they're getting rid of gaddafi would have been possible because of the role of foreign after so i think that libyans are for are looking for the drawing of the history by themselves or by insisting on their own force in their own their own dignity and just very calmly and briefly because we're not finish we'll get after you survive this do you think well i think that anyway that he isn't dead actually i mean we can see that he's trained in these still drawing some some some are still drawing some scenarios that are preventing actually in media but i think that anyway from a political point of view one shouldn't bet on credit for too much because i think that anyway all that he had me till now has discredited to discredited him visit the regional scene as well as any international scenes that we have to leave it there thanks so much very interesting here we have to say middle east expert from
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frida based think tank for global action thanks for joining us there thank you very much like. well coming up in just a few moments differences of opinion over the libya crisis top the agenda as moscow welcomes joe biden. as president of the united states arrives in moscow. to be able to reach a mutual understanding of the situation in libya. that's still to come before several british universities have come under pressure over their controversial links with the libyan government and a public outcry over the nations from the gadhafi regime to the london school of economics has forced to resign when it could have his son started the university has more now from london more details of these connections are emerging all the time the most recent one is another son of gadhafi is his fourth son who was taught at the school of oriental and african studies also known as. the us then following
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his student ship that announced a very lucrative deal with the libyan university where they would give him two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the region or to teach a finance course over in libya we also know of course about saif gaddafi he went to the london school of economics l.s.e. he received a doctorate from there and then his foundation donated two and a half million dollars to the university the director of course of the university has stepped down revelation of that donation and we've also heard another university that has declared its links with libya itself ahead of the media finding out that's liverpool john morse which has money donated from libya to run a business school and also a health faculty and neonatal care facility so there seems to be quite a lot of libyan money floating around in british universities there's a wide range it turns out all foreign desk or giving money to u.k. universities and according to a report by the center for social cohesion many courses at british universities wouldn't be able to run without this money. include iran saudi arabia and china
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and i'll just take you. through a few iran has donated a total of around a quarter of a million dollars across major universities in the u.k. daryn since andresen so us of course that we've already heard the crowds. the head of the arabian studies program at durham university and he says this is an event organized under the auspices of the deal that they have with the iranian government was monopolized by. speakers and he also said that money from iran comes with strings attached so there is this an enormous amount of concern about this money and how it affects academic independence and freedom of thinking at british universities saudi arabia has given a total of sixteen million dollars to british universities in edinburgh and cambridge they've used that money to build centers of islamic studies and a saudi prince is allowed to then choose members of the management committee of.
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china also around a million dollars. to form cultural and language centers again so sheffield university and the university of edinburgh have benefited from that money and the chinese government refers to those senses as part of its foreign propaganda strategy so really a wide range of money the same suspects in terms of universities appearing a lot big powerful and important universities across the u.k. receiving money routinely from governments. reporting there from london we don't forget you can always have your say on the stories we're covering on our website it's along all the time and. if it's moved from the wave of riots in the world well you can log on to dot com and have your say.
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and libya maybe but it may be a bone of contention between russia and the us a possibility there where america's vice president is in moscow and he'll discuss the situation an issue which both countries so far don't see eye to eye on joe biden is also key to push for the warming of relations between russia and the u.s. with the reset button facing a serious test artes you got to spin off as the latest details. this is the first visit by joe biden to russia as the vice president of the united states all law is one he's going to meet with the president of russia need to be a different prime minister by doing putin as well the reset of relations between russia and the united states has been going on for around two years now there are definite signs of improvement and the building of friendly ties but nevertheless the views of each side on some key international issues remain different than libya
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is no example is no exception since the united states is supporting the idea of getting involved into the sit in the situation in libya specifically the idea of shutting down the libyan airspace which in reality would mean of the libyan planes could be shut down if they take off if this ban is in force and also libyan anti aircraft systems could be neutralized too to make it see for me to pilots to patrol libyan skies a rush on the other hand is against all intervention into the situation so we'll have to wait and see if the two sides to keep boarders will be able to reach some sort of a joint understanding on this issue and if joe biden's visit will continue this tendency of the building and from eateries well for more on the visit of the u.s. vice president to russia i'm now joined by the moscow based political analyst said
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he struck and thank you very much indeed for joining us here in studio so in what way are russia and the u.s. at odds over the way that should be handled as you understand the situation in libya. swift action by the world community and. russia and america understand that something should be done with the media at the same time and distribution of russian american relations there's no consensus. what specifically should be done and to put it more bluntly whether the world community should go for the military operation whatever form it would be even the media this is actually this is the question where russian and american doesn't. understand or don't but what's who is actually saying that to really have to solve the problems by themselves a stand off approach rather than what we're seeing from america so that is a different message from both sides isn't it that's right let me put it very
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clearly you see we are not in a position to lecture our american partners but at the same time our message is clear before doing something think rice let me also remind you that america and russia where you need support in the u.n. resolution which was adopted and endorsed then ten days back which already. in which is set a set of said measures that there are tough sanctions against. the regime so our message is that we should not go beyond that we should show restraint we should understand that it can but russia could veto any solution put forth by the u.n. couldn't it if it did so with that not really cause further tensions because we're going to come on to the resetting relations in a moment but where people are saying it's slightly shaky ground could that not cause a diplomatic tension between moscow and washington if russia decides to veto maybe the idea of a no fly zone or further sanctions let me give you my own personal opinion first
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thing is that i'm not sure that russia will repeat what russia can abstain there's such an option the other thing is that if russia russia readers. i think that the climate in our relationship it's has changed entirely this would not be the two thousand march two thousand and three where then president putin appeared in t.v. and said that the military operation in iraq is a big mistake i go. one thing that president didn't go as far definitely he would regret but that is a climate that mysterious a different use a different and a more positive climate as i've just said there are those who are saying there are definite differences between moscow and washington what are the issues that still divide the two and could offset the ongoing resetting of relations but well let me start by saying that it was right president biden who first sudden move with the
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reset proves this two years back in munich right at the same time really we have still we have some stumbling blocks. but most obviously jackson many commandment which poisons which hampers our. trade and economic relations this is a this is this is a trade. you know this is of this is a bilateral east in addition to the one hand we managed to breach the gap in our understanding of the city asian on the run but we still have some differences we also have some differences or on the way the and to police took missile defense should should be built into your c.n.c. missile that is still there but there are a startling was their differences but we are ready to work in a business like constructive atmosphere so just so just briefly what does this visit by joe biden tell the americans and tell the russians and tell the
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international community about relations between the two just briefly we have not touched upon w two or three this is the one of the he will fail you see that's right that's right and i envy you know that too and now georgia is showing stubborn reluctance just to accept that what we accept from american partners maybe to use the but the diplomacy you suggest to people can we join your leadership that their reluctance is a double edged sword for them. thank you very much indeed for joining us very interesting hear what you have to say thanks for joining us again struck and thank you that brings us now to twenty three and a half minutes past the hour this is our team live in moscow dimitris next with the business update that's after a short break stay with us. watching
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business with me to be sure not to think oh well prices remain high as tensions in libya persist however it's more of a risk premium with no real shortage see so that's according to date global oil director for agency whether you're talking about libya or any of the countries bahrain for that matter on even though people target the loading areas and even when they can the production areas there's more than enough supply out there of crude oil in the market right now so the supply demand scenario is actually fairly stable and also the kinds of production we're talking about losing right now libya is down by a hundred thousand barrels a day or so because you're losing a million or so barrels a day of production and supply in a market that is eighty five or even ninety million barrels a day of supply consumption so so far the impact is limited the question every one of the oil market is will saudi arabia have its own problems to worry about over the weekend so that that could change the picture dramatically both from current
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supply demand and going forward as well soaring food prices are keeping the world central bank is worried as they try to inflation low crop stocks and poor weather conditions other key factors which are sending costs up but analysts over the markets will stabilize by the end of the you've seen a very very solid this second across our country commodity prices over the last twelve months and a lot of this is really coming the production side downgrades. by the conditions in environment to a demand has bounced back quite nicely after the recession and we're also finding i says if you are just being characterized. so there's still a lot of uncertainty in the market and with. thing you are going to see the markets reacting quite nervously. we do expect moderation in terms of agriculture prices in the second half of this year so we do think a lot of the good news in a sense is already in the price. foreigners who try to make a living in russia have long realised that for all its ups and downs during
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business it can prove very profitable is that an ability over has been following the progress of one french entrepreneur whose life has turned out distinctly rosy. connect the fuel and fridge it's like sci. fi do something i try to do it's a different way around grows roses with an usual twist and smell it. intriguing smells intriguing frier says it's a niche market anyway. so you can buy the. normal roses and would you buy one of these and here is where this french business woman built her business it's in any degree of no three in the end of a bit of nowhere. it's a small village two hundred kilometers away from moscow first of think you see or hear russia is very it's there are a lot of fields and you can go anywhere but it was so in the laws of this country.
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of the law you don't go just where you want you go where you know then though it's like a very very small country even split up and france florence bought land and built a one hectare greenhouses and her investments doubled to six million euros much to her surprise in russia you have to go through special entities that have a license it can double your clothes just because this company can work and then the specialties cannot work her remote location caused all sorts of problems lack of utilities construction delays of all and all those when she finally sold her felt roses two years ago the main problem had people unwilling to work it's not only my problem in a good motivation for people. who are definitely you know it's not demanding only
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it's the business world. we have. higher than average salary you. and. this is not to these you know. it's maybe it sounds pompous but there are heroes in ordinary life a foreigner comes to russia and tries to produce something interesting here fly around says help project should start paying back in about five years she plans to expand her business with the dream offering a tailored service for exclusive clients i can imagine. as the prison for the eight of march for example is definitely a business businessman that can do both. wife. and mother the unique you feel groovy that if only you it's valid in the world and
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would be good but i didn't name out. it's life or florence has been in russia since the ninety's and she has now learned how to do business here i do know this problem like. it. was a good deal by. a good deal but i don't have. not made it back because i'm french isn't a good man because they think they need to give it part of it is the. right are things that have a particular woman raising a life or french business woman making her way in russia and that's it from the business thing for now the headlines are next on.


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